The unambiguous identification of fungi is frequently difficult. However, the accurate and precise identification is achievable!

Professor Irina S. Druzhinina is a member of the International Committee for Taxonomy of Fungi (ICTF) of IUMS since 2006 and is the Chair of the International Committee on Taxonomy of Trichoderma

FungiG offers the following fungal identification services:

  1. In silico blind identification based on the diagnostic set of DNA Barcode sequences (taxon-specific)
  2. In vitro blind molecular identification of fungal isolates
  3. In vitro polyphasic species diagnosis (DNA Barcoding + ecophysiological profiling)
  4. Verification of putative new species hypothesis
  5. Morphological and phenotyping characterization of putatively new taxa
  6. Ecophysiological profiling of Ascomycota fungi using advanced (semi)high-throughput techniques

If you have a putative new species or simply uncertain in the species identity of your fungal isolate, do not hesitate to contact us!

Recent publications on fungal taxonomy with participation of FungiG:

Cai and Druzhinina, 2021 “In honor of John Bissett: authoritative guidelines on molecular identification of Trichoderma“, Fungal Diversity

Protocol for molecular identification of Trichoderma
Protocol for molecular identification of Trichoderma as developed by Cai & Druzhinina, 2021