FungiG 2020
FungiG 2020

Faculty – PhD Students – Undergraduates – Visitors – External Lab Members


Irina S. Druzhinina

Professor, Ph.D. Group Head

AEM Editor

Head of the International Commission on Trichoderma Taxonomy ICTT

Feng Cai

Associate Professor, Ph.D.

School of Ecology, Sun Yat-sen University, Shenzhen, China

Evolutionary genomics and diversity of fungi

DNA Barcoding of fungi

Hydrophobins and other SSCPs

Guan Pang

PostDoc, Ph.D.

Fungal genetics, secondary metabolites, oxidative stress

Hydrophobins and other SSCPs

Le Liu


Ph. D. Students

Zheng Zhao

Production of hydrophobins

Protein engineering

Siqi Jiang

Fungal taxonomy and diversity

Biological degradation of plastics

Renwei Gao

Fungal genetics,

Cerato-platanins and hydrophobins

Ming Yue Ding

Fungal diversity

Trichoderma genomics and phenotyping

Peijie Chen

Aureobasidium genomics

Cellulolytic enzymes



Kai Dou

Ph. D. Student of the Shanghai Jiaotong University (the Group of Prof. Jia Chen)

Fungal diversity and identification

Trichoderma ecology

External lab members

Siqiao Chen

FungiG Ph.D. Student working in Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Science, group of Dr. Paul Daly

Genomics of Oomycota

Trichoderma Pythium interactions

Komal Chenthamara 2019

Komal Chenthamara


Fungal genomics, ankyrins

Mohammad Rahimi

Ph.D. in the Vienna University of Technology

Tropical ecology & microbial diversity

Christian P. Kubicek

Christian P. Kubicek

Fungal systems biology, biochemistry and genomics

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