Renwei Gao

I am a FungiG Ph.D. student interested in the genetic engineering and functional genetics of fungi. I feel fascinated by how wonderful the eukaryotic cell is. Although it is the result of evolution, it follows a particular rule as if it is arranged. My primary research is focused on the surface-active small secreted cysteine-rich proteins (saSSCPs) in Trichoderma, such as cerato-platanins and HFBs. 

My recent publications:

Gao, R., Ding, M., Jiang, S., Zhao, Z., Chenthamara, K., Shen, Q. Cai, F., Druzhinina I.S. 2020. The evolutionary and functional paradox of cerato-platanins in the mycoparasitic fungi. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 86:e00696-20

Cai, F., Gao, R., Zhao, Z., Ding, M., Jiang, S., Yagtu, C., Zhu, H., Zhang, J., Ebner, T., Mayrhofer-Reinhartshuber, M., Kainz, P., Chenthamara, K., Bayram-Akcapinar, G., Shen, Q., and Druzhinina, I. S. 2020 Evolutionary compromises in fungal fitness: hydrophobins hinder the adverse dispersal of spores and challenge their survival, The ISME J 14, 2610–2624 (2020).

Ding, M., Chen, W., Gao, R., Jiang, S., Zhao, Z., Cai, F., and Druzhinina, I. S. Emerging salt marshes as a source of Trichoderma arenerea sp. nov. and other fungal bioeffectors for biosaline agriculture, Journal of Applied Microbiology, doi: 10.1111/jam.14751.

Jiang S-Q, Yu Y-N, Gao R-W, Wang H, Zhang J, Li R, Long X-H, Shen Q-R, Chen W, Cai F: High-throughput absolute quantification sequencing reveals the effect of different fertilizer applications on bacterial community in a tomato cultivated coastal saline soil. Science of The Total Environment 2019, 687:601-609.