The list of FungiG Publications 2019 – 2022

(updated on 25.01.2022)

Selected articles

Cai et al. 2021 PLoS Genetics

The pleiotropic functions of intracellular hydrophobins in aerial hyphae and fungal spores

Daly et al. 2021 Biotechnology Advances

From lignocellulose to plastics: Knowledge transfer on the degradation approaches by fungi

Zhao et al., 2021 Hyphosphere concept

Zhao et al. 2021 Environmental Microbiology

At least three families of hyphosphere small secreted cysteine-rich proteins can optimize surface properties to a moderately hydrophilic state suitable for fungal attachment

Protocol for molecular identification of Trichoderma

Cai &Druzhinina, 2021 Fungal Diversity

In honor of John Bissett: authoritative guidelines on molecular identification of Trichoderma

Cai et al., 2020 The ISME J

Evolutionary compromises in fungal fitness: hydrophobins hinder the adverse dispersal of spores and challenge their survival

Gao et al. 2020 AEM

The evolutionary and functional paradox of cerato-platanins in the mycoparasitic fungi.

Druzhinina et al., 2018 PLoS Genetic

Massive lateral transfer of genes encoding plant cell wall-degrading enzymes to the mycoparasitic fungus Trichoderma from its plant-associated hosts

Kubicek et al., 2018 BMC Genomics

Evolution and comparative genomics of the most common Trichoderma species

Ding et al., 2020 JAM

Emerging salt marshes as a source of Trichoderma arenerea sp. nov. and other fungal bioeffectors for biosaline agriculture

Zhang et al., 2018

Guttation capsules containing hydrogen peroxide: an evolutionarily conserved NADPH oxidase gains a role in wars between related fungi: The role of hydrogen peroxide in fungal wars

Pang et al., 2020 EM

Azaphilones biosynthesis complements the defence mechanism of Trichoderma guizhouense against oxidative stress, Environmental Microbiology

Jiang et al., 2019 Sci Tot Env

High-throughput absolute quantification sequencing reveals the effect of different fertilizer applications on bacterial community in a tomato cultivated coastal saline soil