Exercise on Genome annotation, gene structure and function


In this exercise you will get an introduction to genome annotation tools, i.e. practically
verify your understanding of the structure and function of a gene and its role in the central
dogma of biology. The material for this exercise will be the Escherichia coli K-12 standard genome.

在本次练习中,你将了解基因组注释工具,在实践中验证你对基因结构、功能及其在生物中心法则中的作用的理解是否正确。本次练习使用的材料为大肠杆菌Escherichia coli K-12的标准基因组。

The outcome of the exercise is the identification and prediction of the function of three
genes (the lac operon) in E. coli. Before beginning, it is helpful to address the learning
goals as follows:


  • refresh your knowledge on the basic structure of the gene
  • apply the fundamentals of the central dogma to a gene sequence
  • compare and contrast the structure of a eukaryotic and prokaryotic gene
  • 更新你对基因基本结构的认知
  • 将中心法则的基本原理应用于一条基因序列
  • 比较并对比真核生物和原核生物基因的相同点及不同点

For your help, the figure shows key components of a bacterial gene
Part 1:


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