Christian P. Kubicek

Christian P. Kubicek, Vienna, 2018

Christian P. Kubicek is a retired Professor for Biotechnology and Microbiology at the University of Technology in Vienna (Austria). His scientific work concentrated on both basic and applied research on filamentous fungi with most emphasis on those from the genus Trichoderma and Aspergillus. These studies comprised enzymology and protein chemistry, metabolic regulation, microbial ecology, functional gene characterization, and all “omics” approaches towards the improvement of fungal strains used in industry and agriculture by science-driven strategies. His work is documented in more than 300 original papers in peer-reviewed journals, as well as many patents and books, and was distinguished by several international honors.

Christian P. Kubicek pioneered and most advanced Trichoderma’s genomics by making the first and most significant comparative genomic studies for this genus (below). Being the first Chair of the International Commission on Trichoderma Taxonomy (now ICTT, that time ISTH), Christian was among the first scientists who implemented the DNA Barcoding and Genealogical Concordance Phylogenetic Species Recognition concept in Trichoderma taxonomy. Irina worked together with Christian for ten years from 2002 until his retirement in 2013. We highly appreciate the still ongoing cooperation with Christian on Trichoderma genetics, genomics and systems biology.

Selected publications:

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