Books by Irina S. Druzhinina

New and Future Developments in Microbial Biotechnology and Bioengineering. Recent Developments in Trichoderma Research. (ed) Gupta, VK., Zeilinger, S., Singh, HB, Druzhinina IS. ELSEVIER, 2020 ISBN: 9780128194539

Biotechnology and Biology of Trichoderma, (eds) Gupta, VK, Schmoll, M., Herrera-Estrella, A., Upadhyay, R.S., Druzhinina, IS., Tuohy M.G, 2014, ELSEVIER, ISBN 978-0-444-59576-8

Mycota IV. Environmental and Microbial Relationships (eds) Druzhinina, I.S., Kubicek, CP. 2016 SPRINGER, ISBN 978-3-319-29532-9

Mycota IV. Environmental and Microbial Relationships (eds) Kubicek, CP., Druzhinina, I.S. 2007 SPRINGER ISBN 978-3-540-71839-0

8th European conference on fungal genetics ECFG8, April 8-11, 2006, Vienna, Austria: book of abstracts, IS. Druzhinina, AG. Kopchinskiy, CP. Kubicek, Vienna University of Technology (TU WIEN), Institute of Chemical Engineering, 2006 – 447 p